The MMC structured cabling system solution stand apart because of its high performances and its capacity to adapt to clients needs.
This specially true for economic requirements and the required transmission quality level.
All solutions are certified. Quality and performance will always be there, whichever cooper solution is selected.

For the past 25 years, for every project we have always worked in close collaboration with the enduser and specialists.
This is why we can currently propose solutions adapted to each client environment, even for the most critical applications.


Since 1993, Multimedia Connect is a copper system

The entire range of Multimedia Connect products is certified
by an independent laboratory to guarantee the constant quality and performance complying with international cabling standards.

From the CAT5e to CAT8, shielded and unshielded solutions are adapted to client need.

Multimedia Connect is pioneer in the development of tool
less termination and is one of the first who launch the 100% innovative tooless RJ45 connector.

Our objective is to invent products and systems which are easy to install and easy to manage.


The range of MMC optical solutions is designed for both outdoor and indoor network installations. It is highly diverse and covers all building, infrastructure and data center equipment projects. The major operators, installers and distributors have been our clients for many years.  

Whether for cables, drawers or optical fiber connectors, the MMC offer is designed/made for quick and effective optical fiber connections. It also fully adaptative. Thus it  guarantees the future/upcoming  changes in market standards, especially for OM4, OS2, MTP, etc. standards.


Due to its diversity, the range of MMC 19” racks and boxes can meet all data center, transport infrastructure, building and healthcare facility/establishment requirements/needs.  In order to  optimize transportation and storage, the MMC Classic ESSENTIAL range racks are also available in “flat packs”. This solution allows reductions in volume of up to 75% compared to an assembled rack, and especially reduces transport and storage costs.