DNV Certification :  an essential indicator of quality for the marine sector

DNV Certification : an essential indicator of quality for the marine sector

The components and systems used in the marine sector must meet high requirements in terms of safety and reliability. DNV certification has received widespread recognition and guarantees products that are compliant.

The sea: a unique environment

The marine sector as an environment continues to present its own specific technical, logistical and human characteristics. On a ship out at sea, maintenance operations need to be preventive, above all, but must also incorporate anticipation, in order to ensure that spare parts will be available and to deal with the complexity of maintaining and replenishing supplies.

The same applies to safety operations – a fire on board a ship in the middle of the Atlantic will not be resolved by dialling an emergency number.

These particular characteristics, marking the marine sector as an exceptional environment, impose rigorous selection of appropriate products, offering impeccable reliability.

DNV certification: the guarantee of 100% reliable products

For these reasons, DNV, formerly DNV-GL, has created a certification for components and systems, as a guarantee of their reliability for the marine sector, as well as for the offshore sector.

The organisation issues a « DNV Certification », widely recognised by those active in the shipbuilding industry in particular. This accreditation provides the various entities in this sector (shipyards, fitters, ship owners, insurance companies, etc.) with a third-party guarantee of quality and reliability for the products installed on board ships.

DNV certified data cable

With its Multimedia Connect brand, CAE GROUP has been able to meet the specific expectations of the marine market, by developing quality solutions that meet the requirements for DNV certification.

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