Angled patch panel : for better cord management

Angled patch panel : for better cord management

The new 19’’ LKPAN1UV angled patch panel Multimedia Connect is designed to facilitate operators work. It allows a better management of patch cords, optimized RJ45 connection and maintenance as well as easier identification.

New 19’’ LKPAN1UV angled patch panel Multimedia Connect

Sustainable installation

The angled shape of the panel allows a better patch cords management on the front side. On the rear side, the panel is equipped with cable blocks for a better cable management at the back of the panel.

Easier management of the IT infrastructure

The front panel of the LKPAN1UV is managed via 4 removable Keystone blocks that allow an fluent connection and maintenance of theRJ45 connectors for easier management of the IT infrastructure.

Simplified identification.

The removable blocks have a numbered and protected label holder to simplify the identification and to optimize on-site intervention time.

Secure and compliant installation

The LKPAN1UV patch panel is unpainted on one side for automatic grounding, which guarantees an installation of the panel in compliance with EN-50174 installation standards.

patch panel : double metal skin


  • 19″ 24-port angled patch panel for cable management
  • Rear cable blocks for cable management and connection
  • Removable front blocks for RJ45 management
  • Numbered identification of RJ45 ports
  • Double skinned panel for automatic grounding
  • New 100% recyclable packaging

To learn more about the performance of this panel, please download our technical data sheet.