Category 6A F/FTP 90W cable now available in 2×4 pairs

Category 6A F/FTP 90W cable now available in 2×4 pairs

Multimedia Connect is unveiling its new CAT6A cable in a 2×4 pair version, still with 90W power for optimal operation of 4PPoE (4-Pair Power over Ethernet) in AWG22, and 10 Gbps performance beyond the standard.

New 2×4 pair cable for optimal 4PPoE operation

The IEEE committee ratified the PoE standard, IEEE802.3bt in 2018, which now offers maximum power of up to 90W. This increase in power can carry the risk of affecting the correct operation of the cable, due to heating. Multimedia Connect, always at the forefront of new technological developments, has developed a cable that guarantees optimal 4PPoE operation, combined with exceptional performancest

Performances above the standards, without the risk of overheating

After having revealed the first 1×4 pair CAT6A 90W power cable, Multimedia Connect is now presenting the 2×4 pair cable, which will offer savings in time and ease of installation on-site, making the most of PoE without constraints. With performances exceeding the requirements of the standard, it retains the CAT6A and 10 Gbps capabilities to meet any requirements.

cable performances

Its AWG22 and low oxygen concentration, thanks to the Skin/Foam/Skin insulation promoting heat dissipation, will provide the required power, without overheating, for IP equipment such as access control devices, Wi-Fi access points and IP cameras. But especially for equipment that is far more demanding of power, such as LED control units.

Guaranteed EMC level and Cca certification for ERPs

F600xSHCy has been designed for 4PPoE applications and power ratings up to 90W. In order to obtain effective PoE properties, EMC needs to be excellent. This cable, with its F/FTP shielding, is therefore manufactured to offer a high level of EMC. The cable’s double shielding places it in segregation class D, thereby saving space and making installation easier, by reducing the space between the HV/LV cables.

The CPR level of this cable is Cca certified (s1, d1, a1), making it compliant with the requirements of buildings open to the public.

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F600xSHCy Datasheet