High-density optical solutions for data centers

High-density optical solutions for data centers

Our ranges of panels and patchcords

Multimedia Connect launches its High Density Fiber Optic solution for Data Center markets, with UHD and DC panels.

They perfectly meet the density, performance, speed, flexibility, modularity and scalability needs of Data Center storage networks. These two ranges are completed with an extractible patchcord solution and are designed for this type of environment.

UHD range

Multimedia Connect’s UHD range is composed with 1U and 3U ultra high-density panels, up to 288 fibers, for Data Center (SAN) applications.

Our panels are manufactured with premium materials giving them this elegant design.

Their plug and play connection system allow a quick and easy installation.

UHD panel can be equipped with MTP cassettes offering LC connectivity from fiber type OM3 to OM5 and OS2 as well.


Horizontal slot cassette connections

UHD telescopic 1U panel with rear rings for easy cable management


Vertical slot cassette connections for an easy maintenance

UHD 3U frame to equipe with 12 vertical cassettes/modules and front/rear rings management

DC range

This panel is ideal for Data Center (SAN) applications, but can also be used for LAN (Local Area Network), CAN (Campus Network), and MAN (Telecom) networks.

The Data Center range from MMC includes 1U high density panel up to 144 fibers. It benefits of an elegant design especially thanks to its premium materials: steel and aluminum.

Thanks to multiple combinations of connections possible: adapters, pre equipped cassettes, MTP cassettes, etc, the DC panel brings a high level of modularity and offers many possibilities in terms of connectors: LC, SC or MTP, in OM3 to OM5 fiber, and OS2.


1U optical panel with rings management

UPPTS optic fiber patchcords

The High density solution is extended with a range of optical extractible patchcords that perfectly meet the data center requirements. The patchcords can be used for Data Center (SAN) applications, but also for LAN (Local Area Network), CAN (campus network), and MAN (Telecom) networks.

The patching in high density require a fast and easy disconnection of the patchcord. Thanks to a pulling tab, this operation is facilitated with the UPPTS optical patchcord from Multimedia Connect. Available in OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2 as well to offer high performance. In order to be able to answer all the MTP polarities, UPPTS patchcords are reversible.