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25 years system warranty

Our direct commitment to the end-user

Cabling infrastructure represents a long term and strategic investment for every company. End users must be assured that their installation will still perform in the future.

Our 25 year warranty contract is signed between Multimedia Connect and the owner of the installation. This is a direct commitment to the end user.

As manufacturer of all components of the link, we control the performance and the reliability of our products and we ensure their full compatibility as a system.

Our certified installers program enables us to select the best professionals to design and install Multimedia Connect networks.

What does the 25 year warranty cover ?

mmc multimedia connect cable rj45 25 year system warranty
We guarantee during 25 years, that the copper (permanent link) and fibre links will continue to perform according to the standards defined at the time of installation.
This concerns: Cat.5e / Class D, Cat.6 / Class E, Cat.6-10 Gigabits, Cat.6 Augmented, Fiber Optic (ISO/IEC 11801 draft 2nd edition)

In case of a default covered by the warranty, we shall carry out all repair work and replacement of faulty components for restoring the installation to an operating condition.

For detailed information about Multimedia Connect Warranty contract , please contact your local Multimedia Connect representative.

Certified Installers program

Multimedia Connect warranty only applies to installations made by MMC Certified Installers.

The respect of design and installation rules plays a very important part in the global performance of data networks and we pay the highest attention to the selection of our installation partners.
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25 years system warranty mmc multimedia connect rj45