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Tooless CAT6A UTP & FTP RJ45 modular jack

Discover the termination video guide for our BCTL connectivity

How to connect easily and quickly the Multimedia Connect BCTL connectivity (UTP and FTP)

IV Copper range

The innovative vision of cabling system

MK angled patch panel

Detailed presentation of MK angled patch panel and accessories.

MK patch panel

Detailed presentation of MK modular patch panel and accessories.

BC RJ45 connector

Presentation of the different termination steps.

MK RJ45 connector

Presentation of the different termination steps.


Detailed presentation of Cable trunks

Multiapplication plug

Presentation of the different termination steps.


IP65 optical boxes

ABS telescopic panel presentation

The Medium and Large models of MMC’s IP65 Optical boxes are made of an UV resistant ABS compound.
It can be wall mounted with no extra accessories & pole mounting can be done with an optional kit.
Theses 2 versions offers a capacity of 24 and 48 cores and are suitable for FTTx or LAN/CAN outside plant applications.

MMC’s 19’’ TTPanel 1U patch panel is a brand new type of ABS panel with telescopic rail and side patchcord management, offering a safe, light and strong solution for fiber cabling networks.

Transformer fiber panel MTP and LGX possibilities

Transformer fiber panel Assembly instruction

MMC’s 19” modular chassis allows pre-terminated secured MTP cassettes and LGX modules and permits to mix copper and fiber.

Multimedia Connect’s fast field connectors don’t need curing nor polishing operations. The installation time is reduced to 3mn. The fiber is already inserted inside the factory polished ferrule, so the sole operation is to cleave the fiber of cable properly. The matching gel and the insertion guide at connector’s entry are assuring optimum alignment and maximum optical performances.

Transformer fiber panel Management possibilities

Transformer fiber panel Splice tray installation

MMC’s 19” modular chassis can to be loaded on front or rear of the chassis. The rear side receives LGX modules such as brush, RJ45, angled or straight cable entry, for PG13.5/M20 or PG16/M25 glands.

The MMC optical fiber splice trays can be stacked 4 times on 1U height (96 fibers) and receives up to 24 heatshrinks. it has a rotating axis for an easier access to the bottom splice tray and can be assembled wuith screws or reusable ties.