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With an operational bandwidth of 100MHz, the Cat.5e System can be considered the economical solution for basic IT cabling. It allows to operate a 100 Megabits/s network with a comfortable margin and complies with the minimum requirements of 1000 Megabits/s networks like 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet).

The Cat.5e system is well suited for analogue telephone communication and may support VoIP communication.
It is not really recommended when the phone is powered directly through the twisted pair cable using a PoE system. Cat.5e systems are usually implemented with AWG24 cable, which is not really able to support sustained DC current.

As backbone cabling, Cat.5e system supports 600m links for telephone and 100m links for IT networks.
If the Cat.5e system is under 1000BaseT, a multi-mode fiber is recommended for the backbone connection.
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Multimedia Connect Category 5e solutions

Cat.5e Unshielded modular jack Cat.5e shielded modular jack Cat.5e unshielded loaded patch panel
Unloaded modular Patch panel
bc5enb connector bc5efs connector bc5enbpan patch panel
bcpan1ul patch panel

Cat.5e U/UTP cable Cat.5e F/UTP cable Cat.5e U/UTP patch cords Cat.5e F/UTP patch cords
cat5e utp cable cat5e ftp cable cat5e utp patch cords cat5e ftp patch cords

Based on a 200 MHz quality control procedure instead of 100 MHz (standard requirement), our Cat.5e system offers excellent headroom in Permanent link as well as in Channel. Our connectors are tested according to the De-embedded methods for 5e (9 cases) to ensure good interoperability in all cases :

TYPICAL HEADROOM (dB) Permanent link Channel
NEXT (dB) 7.0 8.0
RETURN LOSS (dB) 7.5 8.0
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