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The IEEE has ratified the 10GBASE-T in 2006. This protocol uses a PAM16 modulation (16 coding amplitude levels), a pre-coding Tomlinson-Harashima and an Error correction rule. For all these reasons, 10G networks are very sensitive and require specific cabling rules.
The first concern of the CAT6-10G system is to propose a noise immunity at high frequencies for Alien Crosstalk cancellation.
Secondly, electrical parameters stability at high frequencies is the key to allow a comfortable network access. Indeed, with the measurements’ extrapolation to 500MHz, the cabling must be ready to absorb high insertion loss and crosstalk growing.

It is proven that the IT network are more and more oriented toward high-consumption systems (3D imaging, video streaming, real time transmission...). So, with a CAT6-10G solution, your network is ready to support the highest bit rate of the world over twisted pairs, providing a comfortable use of your network capabilities.
For the Backbone part, the use of an OM3 fibreer with the possibility to get 10 G up to 300 m is the a reasonable choice to feed the horizontal cabling capacity.
Copper active material as still cheaper than the optical solutionOptical one, so multi-assembly cable may can also be an interesting option to save on installation costs.
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Multimedia Connect Category 6-10G solutions

Cat.6-10G unshielded modular jack Cat.6-10G shielded modular jack Cat.6 unloaded modular patch panel
bc5enb connector bc6fs connector mk6pan1u patch panel

Cat.6-10G U/UTP cable Cat.6-10G U/FTP cable Cat.6-10G U/UTP patch cords Cat.6-10G F/UTP patch cords
cat6 utp cable cat6 ftp cable cat6 utp patch cords cat6 ftp patch cords

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To validate the 10G application, you need to use TSB155 or TR27450, which are literally assessment of installed balanced cabling channels in order to support IEEE802.3 10GBASE-T. This technical bulletin defines the extrapolation to 500 MHz of the electrical parameters.
Our system remains stable up to these high frequencies, offering full bandwidth efficiency.

TYPICAL HEADROOM (dB) Permanent link Channel
NEXT (dB) 6.0 6.7
RETURN LOSS (dB) 6.2 7.1
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