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Industrial Ethernet :

The need of "IT" cabling in industry field

Ethernet has already established itself in the 1980s in the field of office automation applications. Today it is also stepping into the world of industry because it is so simple to configure, administer and maintain.

It facilitates the realization of distribution automation, the integration of the existing equipment and the operation of sharp and real-time applications.

Ethernet is inexpensive, it is universal, well understood and mastered and it is not unique to any vendor.

A major part of field busses had shown a decline in IP-based communication, so much so that at a time of convergence and standardization Ethernet became the network of choice for the management and the optimization of parks hatches.
mmc multimedia connect industrial ethernet

Field BUS Ethernet equivalent Minimum cabling requirements
DeviceNet /ControlNet Ethernet/IP Minimum Cat.5e/CLASS D
ModBus ModBus TCP Minimum Cat.5e/CLASS D
ProfiBus ProfiNet Minimum Cat.5e/CLASS D
Foundation HSE Minimum Cat.5e/CLASS D

Structured cabling is now adapted to the industry environment in particular through specific cabling standards, such as EN50173-3 and ISO/IEC 24702 (Information Technology, Generic cabling, Industrial premises).
In terms of performance, industrial networks do not require large bit rates, and Category 5e or Category 6 performances are well suited for transmission requirements.

Most importantly, in industrial environments EMI sources such as synchronous engines, asynchronous engines and transformers are ubiquitous. To be immunized, cables must be composed of armour made from aluminium ribbon and tinned copper braid to ensure electromagnetic compatibility.
In harsh environments, the cabling system must be protected against impact, vibrations, humidity, acid and basic chemical agents, oil and gas, dust, temperature fluctuations, etc.

Multimedia Connect solution : Axindus system

Axindus System combines the performances of a genuine Category 6 cabling system with the robustness required to operate in the toughest industrial environments.

- Watertight IP67
- Mechanical resistance IK10
- Resistant to oil and chemical agents
- Stainless steel versions available
- EMC protection

Axindus S/FTP cable offers an excellent protection against electromagnetic interferences and is adapted to outdoor application thanks to its Polyurethane jacket.

Polyuretane cables, RJ45 connectors and patch cords

PUR cables IP67 Cat.6 connectors IP67 patch cords
polyuretane cable ip67 cat6 rj45 connector ip67 patch cord

IP67 accessories

surface mounted boxes IP66 & IP54 wall mounted cabinets accessories
surface mounted boxes ip66 ip54 wall mounted cabinets ip66 & ip54 accessories