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Multimedia Connect :

Designed and manufactured by the TKH Group

Connectivity and accessories

To develop its own connectivity range, Multimedia Connect has invested in R&D and manufacturing unit in France. We combine the highest performance, with long term reliability and user friendly features.
In 2003, the MMC connectivity factory was among the first manufacturers to certify its CAT6 connector by an independent laboratory.
In 2009, it is still among the few manufacturers to have certified a Category 6A connector, as component, by an independent laboratory.

axilogic connectivity center of excellence Axilogic, connectors manufacturing

Through its subsidiaries, the TKH Group designs and manufactures the essential components of Multimedia Connect structured cabling systems. Copper cables, fiber optic cables, connectivity, cabinets...

Fiber Optic

Optical fiber and optical fiber cables meet the sharply increasing need for bandwidth. Providers of communication infrastructure react to new services that demand large bandwidth. A high-quality cable network is required to achieve information transfer in these applications.

Through its subsidiaries TFO and TKF, the TKH Group manufactures fiber cores and fiber optic cables.

tfo, fiber optic laboratory

The products widely used in electric power, telecom operators, CATV, petroleum and other special network communication systems.

All production facilities are using the first class optical fiber & cable manufacturing technology. At present, the annual fiber capacity of TKH Group is about 4.5 million fiber km.

The products from single mode G.652 and G.657 series fiber, multimode fiber, ADSS cable, OPGW cable, standard cable, indoor cable, FTTH cable and cable designs for special applications. And provide a set of the cable accessories, technical support and services. Multimedia Connect directly benefits from the expertise of TKH Group fiber manufacturing division and offers a comprehensive range of fiber optic cables and accessories.

Copper Cables

Multimedia Connect also benefits from the performance of the group’s manufacturing plant dedicated to copper data cables : ZTC.

This facility has recently doubled its production capacity. It has become over the years a reference for quality and performance of copper data cables.

Data Cable Manufacturing at ZTC