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Category 6A system : standard and applications

In recent years, the Cat.6A system, which is especially adapted to high-speed applications like Data Centre cabling, has become the most performing data infrastructure based on RJ45 connectors, which is a big advantage compared to the Cat.7 system.

Using a special test, which confirms its interoperability (Direct probing – 14 patch cords cases), Cat.6A is an open cabling system, which is independent from patch cords quality. This ensures a high degree of maintenance flexibility over the decades that the cabling system is in use.
mmc direct probing

The deployment of a Cat.6A solution guarantees an excellent 10-gigabit performance, without any restrictions (length, cabling mitigation…). Moreover, this option makes it possible to anticipate future trends like the one speculated by the Higher Speed Study Group of the IEEE (40G or 100G over twisted pair).

Since March 2010, all standards documents defining the performance of 500 Mhz cabling systems are ratified by ISO/EN and TIA and are published. And this is the first time that such significant differences have been noted between the two standards. Whereas for Cat.5e and Cat.6, TIA/ISO/EN were interchangeable, this is no longer true for Cat.6A/Class Ea.

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Multimedia Connect category 6A solution

Cat.6A Shielded modular jack Cat.6 unshielded loaded patch panel
Unloaded modular patch panel
mk6fs connector mk6pan1u patch panel

Cat.6A F/FTP Cable Cat.6A U/FTP patch cords
Cat.6A F/FTP Cable F555-4SH Cat.6A U/FTP patch cords cord6as

MMC Cat.6A Cable (F555-4SH) and Connector (MK6AFS) are both certified Cat.6A ISO Component by Delta Electronics.
MMC Cat.6A solution offers is among the best on the market with typical headrooms approaching xx dB in Next.

TYPICAL HEADROOM (dB) Permanent link Channel
NEXT (dB) 4.0 4.5
RETURN LOSS (dB) 6.5 6.5
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