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AWG26 Cat. 6A copper cable trunks

In Data Centers, the density of horizontal cables has a direct impact on the air flow and on the efficiency of the cooling system. Consequently, reducing the volume taken by cables and improving the organization of cable bundles can lead to significant improvement of the data center cooling performance and ultimately reduce running costs.

To meet this objective, Multimedia Connect has developed a shielded Category 6A cable, using AWG26 conductors. Compared to a traditional AWG23 Category 6A cable, this new cable is 30% smaller and lighter.
MMC has also designed a cable trunck which regroups 12 of these cables under a general jacket.

In a Category 6 system, the backbone cabling may be implemented using Category 6 cables if the maximum length is not greater than 100 meters, otherwise OM2 fiber is the better choice for the cabling infrastructure.

If we compare the volume of traditional Category 6A cables and the one taken by the same number of cables using the new MMC AWG26 cable trunck. The difference is quite spectacular and approaches in fact 40%.

This new cable trunck also enables a better management of cables in the cabinet.
The cable truncks are easier to install, and enable a much clearer organization of horizontal cables at the back of the patch panels. Thanks to its reduced size, the bending radius of the cable trunck is sufficient to offer an easy handling and easy installation.

Having an AWG26 core section, the cable meets Category 6A standard requirements for links up to 60 meters. This is adequate for Data Center applications where 95% of the links are below 50 meters.
Naturally, this cable is covered by Multimedia Connect 25 years system warranty for all links up to 60 meters.

MMC AWG26 cable
  • High performance on short lengths

  • Category 6A warrantee for links up to 60 meters

  • 30% reduction in size vs Category 6A standard cables