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Multimedia Connect, solutions for convergence

Multimedia Connect offers innovative Structured Cabling Solutions, which facilitate integration of all IP, based applications in Buildings and industries.

CCTV, wifi points, access control, remote display, DECT systems, Industrial Ethernet... a growing number of applications are using Internet Protocol ( IP) and need to be connected to traditional data cabling networks.

These new devices though have technical constraints, which differ from those of desktop computers, and it is therefore important to invent specific connexion solutions.

Multimedia connect strategy is to develop simple, performing and secured solutions which facilitate the connexion of IP devices to Cabling Systems in Intelligent Buildings.

Multimedia Connect, solutions for convergence

Axindus, Ethernet solution

Axindus : Industrial Ethernet

- IP67 connector – IP66 or IP54 surface mounted boxes
- Mechanical resistance IK10
- Resistant to chemical agents, salt and oil
- Special cable with polyurethane outersheath waterlight and resistant to chemical attacks encountered in industrial applications
- Cat.5e and Cat.6 components, certified by Delta Electronics

MMC PE cables designed for outdoor links

PE cables : outdoor links

- Cat.6 U/UTP and F/UTP
- Water light and UV resistant thanks to black polyethyleen jacket

MMC balun range

Balun range, analog audio and video links on twisted pair cables

- Enable transmission of audio and video signal on data cables, instead of coaxial or audio cables
- Long distances can be reached (500m +)

mmc plug multi-application

Multi applications Plug

- Fast and reliable installation
- Security locking system
- Multi applications: Wi-Fi access point direct link; IP cameras direct link; IP displaying, IP TV, Industrial Ethernet connection, 100 meters Solid Patch Cord

MMC, galvanic isolator

Galvanic isolator

- Protection of sensitive equipment against current surges
- Plug and play, to be installed between the wall outlet and the protected equipment
- Compatible with 10BaseT up to 100BaseT networks
- Compliant with IEC 606061-1 standard for safety of medical equipment
- Main applications: hospital and medical institutions, protection of sensitive equipment connected to the data network.