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Blown fiber solution

Enabling your fiber backbone infrastructure to adapt to unpredictable future needs

With Multimedia Connect blown fiber system, you design your network with extra tube capacity and easily upgrade your infrastructure when you need it, with the required fibre optic technology.
You limit your initial investment, based on your short term requirements and minimize the cost of network upgrading as the installation of extra fibre becomes very simple.

TKH Group, leader in blown fiber solutions

With two manufacturing units specialized in fiber optics (TFO and TKF), the TKH Group is a leading player for blown fiber solutions.
Thanks to the ACE program, The TKH Group has connected up to 300 000 homes with fiber optic in the Netherlands and is exporting its solutions in many countries.
Multimedia Connect directly benefits from this expertise and has selected, from the ACE program, the products best adapted to Structured Cabling applications.

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Multi-tubes ducts

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor multi-tubes Ducts :
5/3.5mm and 10/10mm tubes, up to 24 ways per Duct.

Multi-tubes ducts indoor Multi-tubes ducts outdoor Multi-tubes ducts outdoor – direct burial
multi-tubes ducts indoor fiber cable multi-tubes ducts outdoor fiber cable multi tubes ducts outdoor direct burial fiber cable

Blown fiber

Micro and minicables specifically designed to be blown in 5/3.5mm and 14/10mm tubes.
Single mode and OM3 multimode.

Micro cable (up to 12 cores) Mini cable (up to 96 cores)
Micro fiber cable Mini fiber cable

Connectivity and distribution

Tubes connectivity Branch off closure Distribution boxes
Tubes connectivity for optic cable branch off closure fiber optic cable connector distribution termination optic cable box