IV6A : the first 100% tool-less connector

IV6A : the first 100% tool-less connector

An innovative vision of wiring systems MMC wants to revolutionize the installation and connection practices: the IV6A connector has ceramic blades which allow the cable cut without a plier use.


The new MMC cooper connectivity range is the result of a long I+D work process which offers an innovative and successful solution according to MMC philosophy « Smart and Simple ». Multimedia Connect launches its 4th connectors generation : IV6AFS, a CAT6A full shielded connector

Regarding the importance of a cutting and resistant material, MMC chose the ceramic (crystalline network and molecular density) that offers the best technological solution. These two characteristics give the blade a great hardness, satisfying the connection and disconnection needs without breaking risk.

A complete and high-performance solution

The continuous final customers requests in term of speed and bandwith make manufacturers to increase efforts to find the best compensations for RJ45 connectors. Even if the category 8 is in the draft phase, the IV6AFS electrical development includes CAT8 an 40Gbit/s projections.

The IV6AFS tests has shown excellent electrical performances offering best-of-market security margins and more than 10Gbit/s speeds.

Le cœur utilisé sur la IV bénéficie des dernières technologies de compensation électrique, reposant sur un PCB quatre couches. Les tests réalisés sur un lien équipé d’un connecteur IV6AFS associé à un câble CAT6A blindé Multimedia Connect type F555xSH ou FU510xSH, a permis d’obtenir des marges de NEXT tel que 7< marge <10dB.

A complete secure solution

Some public places or schools need a special RJ45 plug protection. The possible connectors deterioration by objects incorporation encouraged Multimedia Connect to develop secure solutions.
Multimedia Connect has a secure solutions range allowing a protection against malicious connections and disconnections, specially the locking RJ45 plug, the locking RJ45 cordon and racks with an opening distance monitoring system.